The SVG Cannabis Revival Committee looks to take part in the scientific research of cannabis

President of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cannabis Revival Committee, Junior "Spirit " Cottle, has described local cannabis in SVG as a "unique medley of tropical strains". Spirit today was interviewed by technicians of an interview panel comprising of members from the Ministry of Agriculture, Finance, Bureau of Standards, Narcotic Unit and Invest SVG.

The objective of the interview was for the SVG Cannabis Revival Committee ("CRC") to express an interest in formal scientific research of cannabis in SVG. This will lead to an approval to conduct research under the supervision of the Cannabis Research and Development Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Hon. Saboto Caesar, Minister of Agriculture and Industry in SVG has coined the mantra, that, "A Medicinal Cannabis Industry, begins and ends with Science."

'Rastafari Farms' was represented by Ajit Duncan, a traditional cannabis farmer. The company is expected to obtain a similar approval. Rastafari farms is a group comprised mostly of Rastafarians and / or traditional cultivators. The process of obtaining an approval to conduct scientific research begins with an application to the Bureau of Standards or the Ministry of Agriculture, after which an interview date will be set. This process does not touch and concern the Cannabis Amnesty Act 2018 or the Cannabis Industry Act 2018. The administrative framework for the Cannabis Authority is being address with the CEO of the entity already in place and advertisements for senior positions have recently been seen in several newspapers. It is anticipated from the Hon. Prime Minister's address in the Budget, that March 2019, is the date set for the opening of the gates for the Modern Medicinal Cannabis Industry in SVG.

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